Faculty of: ECONOMIA



2 Years
Degree Classes
LM-77 (Scienze economico-aziendali)

An inspiring entrepreneurial story


Today, 20th January 2022, students enrolled in the Business Lab focused on Small and Medium Enterprises had the opportunity to, from first hand, hear the personal story of the Vivavoce Medical Centre founder, Giovanni Muscarà. The Medical Centre is specialized in the treatment of stuttering and has the vision to become the most important medical centre in the world of such kind.
The students found his presentation motivational and enthusiastic on many levels, from overcoming stuttering to starting a medical clinic without any medical background, up to successfully operating in the time of pandemic and planning the future expansion of Vivavoce. This prosperous entrepreneur showed our students that everything is possible if you invest yourself in your idea and keep moving forward. He completed his presentation with these words: “Always ask yourself what your goal is, and it will allow you to take the right steps for the future.”
We thank Giovanni Muscarà for his inspiring story and we look forward to further collaboration.