Faculty of: ECONOMIA



Admissions and enrolment
2 Years
Degree Classes
LM-77 (Scienze economico-aziendali)


The alumni network is a crucial pillar of the MScM community, aimed at enabling our graduates and students to regularly meet, share their professional and personal experience, promote and support one another.

Established in 2022, our diverse, growing alumni community continues to grow the spirit of the MScM programme and is currently made of more than one third of the overall number of our graduates, representing 17 nationalities and working in over 14 countries. MScM alumni take diverse career paths, work for top employers in a range of industries (e.g. consulting, consumer goods, technology and finance), reach far beyond the country's borders, and – often enough –  create their own business with considerable success.

Graduating from the MScM is not the end of the journey. As a member of our alumni community you can:

  • benefit from the services offered by UCSC MyAlumni (e.g. access to online journals and research tools, a variety of subscription discounts, access to the UCSC library, etc.)
  • take full advantage of continued MScM career support, networking opportunities, and exclusive events.

To join the MScM alumni network or update your details, please register to create a free account on on MyAlumni ( This is a service for all UCSC alumni, and is managed by the University’s alumni team. For support and to ask questions, please email