Faculty of: ECONOMIA



Academic Year
2 Years
Degree Classes
LM-77 (Scienze economico-aziendali)

The MScM’s Board

Stefano Baraldi is Full Professor of Planning and Control at the School of Economics, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He is the Programme Director of the Master of Science in Management where he:

  • teaches the courses of Management control systems, Performance measurement and Business lab (introductory course, MNEs);
  • is the owner of the MNEs’ business lab;
  • is responsible for the development of international partnerships;
  • is the project leader for the EFMD accreditation process.

His main fields of interests include: planning and control systems, management accounting, performance measurement, managerial practices in large companies and healthcare organisations.

Benedetto Cannatelli is Associate Professor at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milan, Italy, where he also gained his PhD in Management. He is part of the Steering Committee and Owner of the Business Lab on SMEs and Family Business. He is also Research Director at E4Impact Foundation.

His main research interests are Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. He was visiting scholar at the HAAS School of Business, UC Berkeley, CA and at Farmer School of Business, Miami University, Oxford, OH. He is the co-founder of Railroad Brewing Company and Distilleria Strada Ferrata.

Antonella Cifalinò, PhD in Management, is Associate Professor of Management Control at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

She is Programme Deputy Director of the Master of Science in Management and owner of the Business Lab in Healthcare Organisations. She is Deputy Director of CERISMAS, Centre for Research and Studies in Healthcare Management, faculty member of various specialising master and executive programmes in ALTEMS (Graduate School of Health Economics and Management) and ALTIS (Graduate School of Business and Society), among which the Specialising Master in Healthcare Organisation and Management, the Executive MBA, and the Specialising Master in Planning and Control. Her research and teaching activities focus on the design and use of management control and performance measurement systems.   

Roberta Crespi is Associate professor of Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, where she is teaching Business Management and Luxury and Fashion Management. In the MSc in Management she is owner of the Luxury Business Lab. Prof. Crespi is the Scientific Director of EMLUX – International Master in Luxury Goods Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore campus of Milan.

She has published some monographs and essays on luxury, for academic journals such as: Luxury Research Journal, Journal of International Marketing Strategy, Strategic Change. She is the Editor of the Italian edition of The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands by Jean Noel Kapferer and Vincent Bastien. She is also qualified as independent chartered accountant.

Rossella Gambetti, PhD., is Professor of Branding and Consumer Culture at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, where she is Director of the International Specialising Master in Corporate Communication and member of the scientific committee of the Laboratory for Research in Corporate Communication (LABCOM). Rossella is also Research Fellow of the Jayne and Hans Hufschmid Chair of Strategic Public Relations and Business Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism (University of Southern California, Los Angeles).

In the MSc in Management, Rossella is Head of the Editorial and Communication Board, which coordinates and supervises the communication activities of the specialising master programme.

Mara Gorli, PhD, is Associate Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at the Faculty of Economics, Università Cattolica Milan, Italy. She is member of the Leadership and Organisational Cultures Unit, at CERISMAS - Centre for Research and Studies in Health Care Management, Milan. She is Director of the Executive Specialising Master in Patient Advocacy Management at ALTEMS, the Graduate School of Health Economics and Management, Rome. For the MSc in Management, Mara is Lab Mentor for the field activities.

Mara’s research interests and applications focus on the relationship between the person, the workplace and the society, following a reflexive, context-driven and practice-based research orientation.

Matteo Pedrini
, is Full Professor of Corporate Strategy at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He is Director of academic research in ALTIS (www.unicatt.it/Altis), the Graduate School of Business and Society at the same university, an international research and education center for the study and promotion of a responsible and competitive business culture.

He is Scientific Director of Sustainability Makers, the Italian association of CSR/sustainability managers. He is member of the Programme Management Committee of the MSc in Management with responsibilities for business labs and corporate relations.

Marta Piria is the Academic Advisor of the Master of Science in Management students, to whom she offers support with regards to orientation towards university services and opportunities, cultural and social integration, and managing dynamics and challenges in group work.

She is collaborating as a junior researcher with the Leadership and Cultures area of the CERISMAS, Centre for Research and Studies in Health Care Management. She is passionate about inclusion and differences, to which she is dedicating her PhD research in Work and Organisational Psychology.




MELLONCELLI ANDREA - Business analytics

GAMBETTI ROSSELLA - Brand management


VITULLI STEFANIA - Business communication


MANARA GIACOMO - Change management, Introductory course (consulting companies)

CAPRIO LORENZO - Corporate finance (options, futures and derivatives)

LITTLEWOOD DAVID - Corporate governance and social responsibility

PEDRINI MATTEO - Business sustainability

RANA YADVINDER - Cross cultural management

LA ROCCA ANTONELLA - Customer-based marketing strategy

FUDURIC MORANA - Customer-based marketing strategy

CANNATELLI BENEDETTO LORENZO - Entrepreneurship, Introductory course (SMEs)

MEZZABOTTA CLAUDIA - Financial accounting and analysis (main issues in application of IFRS)



TEDESCHI PIERO - Industrial organization

PEZZUTO IVO - International business management

RIGAMONTI SILVIA - International corporate finance

CIFALINO' ANTONELLA - Introductory course (HCEs), Management control systems

BARALDI STEFANO - Introductory course (MNEs), Management control systems, Performance measurement

CRESPI ROBERTA - Introductory course (MNEs)

LUCIFORA CLAUDIO - Labor Economics

GIOCHETTA GIANANDREA - Management information systems

CAVALLI LAURA - Managerial economics

DELLI GATTI DOMENICO - Political economy of the EU

SIENA DANIELE - Political economy of the EU  

HOLZMANN VERED - Project management

PALOMBA LIVIO - Project management

ANESSI PESSINA EUGENIO - Public management

BELVEDERE VALERIA - Supply chain management

KOTZAB HERBERT - Supply chain management

DETHRIDGE SARA - Transnational business law

MARA GORLI – Work and organizational psychology

MATTHIJS BAL - Work and organizational psychology

DAVIDE RADI – Mathematics for management

ANASTASIIA PANCHUK - Mathematics for management

BAHARIER IMANUEL - Business Analytics

RUBINA ROMANELLO – International Business Management

MARCO LOSSANI - International economics (Advanced international trade and economics)

DANIELLA MAGGIONI - International economics (Advanced international trade and economics)