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2 Years
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LM-77 (Scienze economico-aziendali)
European Foundation for Management Development: EFMD programme accreditation


When talent meets with market opportunities

Our Master of Science in Management is designed to help students succeed in contemporary business environments. We are committed to crafting their talent and helping it match with market opportunities.

Personalized learning path

In our programme, students from all over the world undertake a highly personalized learning path including a wide variety of specialization areas in the management field offered as advanced and elective courses which foster students’ knowledge and set of competences in line with their personal inclinations and educational backgrounds. The highly personalized learning path we offer is not only designed to craft students’ talent, but also to make their talent meet with the dynamic challenges of a fast-evolving business scenario. A special attention is then also given to help students seize emerging business opportunities that best fit with the talent they are building.

Hands-on practical experience

Our programme provides students with a fully hands-on, practical educational experience, which allows them sharpening their managerial flexibility oriented to problem-solving in different business scenarios. Industry-focused, company-led business labs offer students an extraordinary rich opportunity to familiarize with real management issues, working hand in hand with business executives as part of company visits, field projects and internships.

International career

Our Master of Science in Management is also devoted to fulfilling the aspirations of students who are motivated to develop an international career. Double degrees, tailored study abroad programmes and collaborative online international learning opportunities with highly ranked international universities add an outstanding global outreach to our programme.

Mindful and impactful leadership

Last but not least, our Master of Science in Management supports students in developing the talent that best matches their professional goals and personal values. Totally designed around the person, our programme helps students thrive as human leaders of the future. We craft passionate, skilled and mindful managers who take seriously their profession, being aware that they have an impact on business and society and that their actions will shape the future. Social impact programmes, volunteering initiatives, alumni networking, peer coaching and mentoring disseminated throughout all the educational path and after graduation ensure that we take care of the professional development of students as human beings beyond their professional vocations.

European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)




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