Faculty of: ECONOMIA



2 Years
Degree Classes
LM-77 (Scienze economico-aziendali)

A two-month project ends in an exceptional way!

Today, on 8th March 2022, first-year MSc in Management students attending the corporate strategy course, lead by our Professor Matteo Pedrini, had a unique opportunity to give a presentation to the Italgas CEO Mr. Paolo Gallo and the CCO Mr. Lorenzo Romeo.
The students attending the program were split into twelve groups and for the past two months they were analyzing the company and tried to create an optimal strategy proposal which would contribute to the company’s competences in the short and long-term.
The analysis started from the Italgas purpose, going over its most valuable resources, synergies in the company and finally its impact on society. The Strategy proposals made by our students were creative, ranging from M&A of a companies to investing into new technologies and expanding the Italgas’ range of business.
Students’ testimonials say a lot about their satisfaction with the course structure, Professor’s support during the process, and the unique opportunity to present in front of the CEO and CCO of a market leader such as Italgas.

“Wonderful opportunity to grow personally and as a group. Ideal way to develop team-work capabilities and critical thinking.”
Alessia Cerioli

“I believe that this project approach by Professor Pedrini to corporate strategy provides much deeper learning experience than class teaching. In addition, the opportunity to present in front of CEO and CCO shows trust they have in our generation to come up with ideas that bring value – even to one of the largest companies in Southern Europe.”
Mortiz Ness

“Presenting in front of the CEO and CCO was challenging and motivating at the same time because our interlocutor was a professional with years of experience that wanted to test our practical skills rather than our knowledge of theory.”
Pietro Rodolfi

Our honorable guests were evaluating the students’ proposals. The evaluation criteria were the innovation of ideas presented, the idea’s coherence with the company’s path, purpose, and overall contribution to Italgas as the leader in the market. They picked top three ideas. The third place was integration of multiple networks, the second place was acquisition of data company Amagama, and the best idea was creating an energy community with plants shared among different farms offered by group 10. Mr. Paolo Gallo and the Mr. Lorenzo Romeo characterized the ideas as out of the box thinking, something that they have never thought about and coherent with their strategy.

We thank our students for the effort, and the passion they have put in developing their ideas, and we are thankful to have host our partners from Italgas.

8th March 2022