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L-25 (Scienze e tecnologie agrarie e forestali) - L-26 (Scienze e tecnologie alimentari)

The Foundation Knowledge Assessment test (VPI) consists of a compulsory test for all students enrolled in the 1st year of any undergraduate or integrated degree graduate programme. The VPI test is required to assess the basic knowledge needed in order to successfully attend the programme you selected.

 VPI test does not constitute a prerequisite to access or attend the courses, but it is an opportunity to assess your knowledge and skills at the beginning of your university career.

The date of the test is automatically assigned after enrolment. You can view and modify this date, only when strictly necessary, through your personal iCatt page.

This test is held remotely and technical details will be notified to you after enrolment.

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Indicative Scheme for the Foundation Knowledge Assessment test (VPI) - Food production management

For this degree programme, the test consists of a series of multiple-choice online questions in English, lasting a total of 45 minutes, in the following subject areas:

  • General Chemistry (15 questions).
  • Physics (15 questions).
  • Biology (15 questions).

Pass is reached with 50%+1 of the correct answers for each of the subject areas.

In case of a negative result in one or more subject areas, an Additional Training Obligation (OFA) is assigned to fill in the gaps found in the subject areas with negative results.

If the Foundation Knowledge Assessment test is not taken, an OFA will be assigned to each of the subject areas.

Students with disabilities or Specific learning disorders (SLD) are invited to click here. 

For this programme, the Faculty has established additional training obligations in:

  • "General Chemistry": a ten-hour, pre-course/support course taught in English in mixed mode (classroom/online), with final assessment.
  • “Physics": a ten-hour, pre-course/support course taught in English in mixed mode (classroom/online), with final assessment.
  • “Biology": a ten-hour,pre-course/support course taught in English in mixed mode(classroom/on-line), with final assessment.

Students are required to attend OFA according to the timetable provided (see the Freshman kit of their Faculty). The student who has attended at least 70% of the scheduled hours is admitted to the final assessment of the OFA course. Successful completion of the final examination means that the OFA is concluded and the student will be able to continue the university course without any Additional Training Obligations. During the first year, up to 3 attempts to pass the final assessment are planned without having to attend the OFA course again.

In case the student fails to pass the OFA final assessment, the group Tutor in charge will contact the student in order to support him/her in the process of accompaniment to the above-mentioned exam.

At the end of the last round of the OFA course, in the event of a negative outcome of the final assessment, the teacher responsible for the programme, after checking the results of the VPI and of the final tests of the above programme, and taking into account any 1st year profit exams passed by the student, may consider the OFA course to have been completed.

Otherwise the student is required to renew the enrolment for the first year of the programme to repeat the year.

Students coming from other Università Cattolica programmes are exempt from VPI support for 1st year enrolment provided that they have sustained an identical VPI in terms of subject areas, number of questions and duration of the test in their previous university career.

All students from other universities and students from other programmes of Università Cattolica who do not meet the above requirements are required to take the VPI.

Demo VPI

Subject areas:

A. The Na symbol represents the element:

  • sodium    
  • silicon
  • sulphur      
  • selenium

B. Which of the following colours has the highest frequency:

  • red
  • blue
  • yellow        
  • green

C. A fluid in a flow tube moves:

  • From higher to lower pressure
  • Only if the pressure is constant
  • From lower to higher pressure
  • Regardless of pressure

D. The kilowatt hour is a measure of:

  • Power
  • Energy
  • Work
  • Heat

E. Which of the following sentences is correct

  • Protozoon is a eukaryotic cell capable of heterotrophy and phagocytosis
  • There is no difference between eukaryotic cell and Protozoon          
  • Protozoa are bacteria
  • Protozoa are multicellular organisms.

F. For the plants, the elaborated sap:                  

  • is rich in protein          
  • is rich in sugars
  • is rich in mineral salts
  • is rich in mineral salts and water

A - sodium

B - blue

C - From higher to lower pressure

D - energy

E - Protozoon is a eukaryotic cell capable of heterotrophy and phagocytosis

F - is rich in sugars