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Facoltà di: Economia; Scienze Linguistiche e Letterature Straniere

Corporate Communication


Anno accademico 2022/2023

Lingua English

Tipologia Master Master di I livello

Frequenza Full time

Why a Master in Corporate Communication at UCSC?

Communication today is everything that connects us to one another and to the world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has even magnified our reliance on communication platforms and made us even more interconnected in always new ways to turn physical distancing into an opportunity to be in touch differently. But being on top of the competences and skills that a disruptively changing communication scenario requires, and developing the right posture to navigate uncertainty and look forward into the future call for brave people. People with passion, commitment, enthusiasm. People eager to learn, to grow and to face challenges.

If you are that kind of person, this is your Master. Going back to 2010 we decided to launch the International Postgraduate Master in Corporate Communication (IPMCC) leveraging on the competences developed by LABCOM (Laboratorio di ricerche sulla comunicazione aziendale) over more than two decades of research activities on the top trends in the communication culture at the global level. But we did not work alone, we partnered with an extraordinary group of brave and visionary communication executives belonging to the leading companies and communication agencies operating in the national area.

The effective blend between cutting-edge, out-of-the-box academic and managerial perspectives will encourage you to develop an open, creative, professional and flexible mindset, providing a unique set of competences that will enable you to master the challenges that current technoculture presents us, and outperform in every sector of the corporate communication field, both in companies and in agencies.

If you feel brave enough to become a 360° communication professional and you wish to undertake a forward-thinking, challenging, and delightful learning path, we are excited to welcome you onboard of our Master program and experience the unique academic and business network it provides.

We are looking for you!

The Master offers more than 600 hours of in-class training, during which students are constantly involved in practice-based projects with companies, agencies and consumers plus intense field experiences such as consultancy projects, creativity lab, workshops on managing influence in social media, individual assessment interviews, self-branding sessions, team-working support, diversity management training, job interview simulations, and field trips.

The Master enjoys a broad network of partners and liaisons companies among which Leo Burnett, MSL Group, We are social, Italian Brand Factory actively involved in providing scholarships, business cases, venues for agency work-flow simulations. Companies such as Adidas, Chromavis, Coop, Disney, EcorNaturasì, Google, Ikea, Lovable, Mars Italia, Sonae Sierra, 3M have been involved in real consultancy projects run by Master students. See more information about Partners here and about Career prospects here.

At the end of the Master students will be involved in real consultancy projects, for which they will have full responsibility to deliver a business solution to communication and branding issues. These projects are a real and direct bridge with potential employers.

Key Facts

September 9th, 2022

Duration: 1 year
From Monday to Friday 
9.00 a.m - 2 p.m.
Full-time program

Classes start: September 22, 2022

Number of participants: 30

Campus: Milan

Taught in: English

Requirements & Professional Paths

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Economics-management, Foreign language sciences, Communication and Human sciences, from Italian and International universities
  • Students preparing for a Bachelor’s degree to be achieved by December, 2022
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Basic knowledge of communication and/or marketing

The Master will enhance the potential of young brilliant professionals to tackle all the complexities of communication management. Master in Corporate Communication graduates will gain 360º communication knowledge and may become part of any organization or agency to carry out tasks related to strategic and operational management of all areas of communication:

  • Accounting and strategic planning
  • Digital communication, social media, community management and influencer marketing
  • Public relations and event management
  • Corporate communication
  • Marketing communication and branding
  • Consumer and trend analysis and insight development
  • Internal communication
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