Medicine and surgery


6 Years
Degree Classes
LM-41 (Medicina e chirurgia)

Cattolica MD Degree

The MD degree conferred at the end of the Programme is termed "Abilitante" in as much it allows the graduate to practice immediately, at the time of graduation, in any Unit/Service of the National Health System in Italy (SSN).

World Directory of Medical Education (WDME)

As Cattolica is enlisted in the World Directory of Medical Education (WDME), the MD degree is internationally recognized and allows graduates to apply for post-graduate training everywhere.

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)

Also, being Cattolica a member of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), graduates can apply for the MD degree recognition also in the USA.

Graduates in Medicine and Surgery are qualified to carry out surgery in the various roles and in clinical, health and biomedical professional fields.

The programme is designed for students who wish to become qualified general practitioners.

A natural extension of the Medicine and Surgery training programme is access to specialty training schools in the sector or further studies in the three-year regional programme of specific training in general medicine for which graduate students in the LM-41 class are eligible.

Graduates from the degree programme taught in English will be eligible to participate in USLME Steps 1 and 2 and, thus, in the USA Post Graduate Training and Residencies, as well as in similar programmess scheduled in European countries or non-European anglophone countries.

Non-Italian graduates from the International MD Programme will have successfully attended Italian language courses essential for their integration into Italian society and, in particular, for doctor-patient communication in the national health context. Knowledge of the Italian language will favour the graduate’s access to the Specialty Training Schools within the Italian University.