Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery

Roma - Fondazione Policlinico Universitario "Agostino Gemelli" IRCCS

Academic year 2022/2023

Duration 6 years

Language English

Degree classes LM-41 (Medicina e chirurgia)

Admission test preparation courses A.Y. 2023/24

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, as an additional service, organises specific courses aimed at supporting candidates in their preparation for the admission tests to our Medicina e Chirurgia, Dentistry, and Medicine and Surgery courses with a modular course designed to enhance their awareness, skills and abilities in order to improve their performance in the exam.
Università Cattolica’s preparation courses will be delivered remotely, in Italian or English.
Enrolment opens in September 2022, on this page you will find the link to access the enrolment portal and find details of each type of course to choose from according to your needs:

Module Frequency
30 hours Monday to Friday (one week) or only in the afternoon (in a fortnight)
36 hours three weekly meetings of 4 hours each, for a total duration of three weeks
42 hours 30 standard hours + 12 hours close to the test date
48 hours three weekly meetings of 4 hours each, for a total duration of three weeks + 12 hours of revision close to the test date

48 hours (weekend)

3-hour meetings on Friday and Saturday afternoons and a full day on Sunday, for a total duration of 4 weeks
60 hours

two afternoon meetings per week for a total duration of 10 weeks

Each course includes targeted theoretical coverage of the examination syllabus, the administration of exercises and simulations to constantly test the knowledge acquired and the acquisition of the most effective techniques and strategies for correctly and quickly solving multiple-choice questions. The training will be delivered remotely through face-to-face lessons and specific exercises, with the possibility of interacting with both lecturers and fellow students in a dynamic and proactive manner. The places available for each formula are limited and will be allocated following a simple chronological order.