Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery

Roma - Fondazione Policlinico Universitario "Agostino Gemelli" IRCCS

Academic year 2022/2023

Duration 6 anni

Language English

Degree classes LM-41 (Medicina e chirurgia)

Degree qualifying to practice as a doctor-surgeon

The programme in a nutshell

Developing a people-centred health care

The International Medicine and Surgery Degree program lasts six years and it is entirely English-taught. It provides full integration of learning objectives of European and US curricula and it is achieved through a multidisciplinary approach. The attention isn’t focused only on basic and clinical sciences, but also on patient management, legal responsibilities of the medical profession and its ethical aspects.

Teaching approach

Traditional frontal lectures are English-taught as well as other practical activities, traineeship, vocational training and optional projects.

Career prospects

The Degree program is thought to develop qualified medical personnel and professionals in the field of clinical and scientific research. The students who are interested in the “US Postgraduate training” will be also able to apply for the possibility of attending their final course year abroad.
Since a.y. 2018/2019, Università Cattolica offers students on the Single-Cycle Master’s Degree Programme in Medicine and Surgery the opportunity to undertake a study programme leading to a double degree qualification in Medicine and Surgery. Students who undertake the Double Degree study programme will divide their 6-year studies between Università Cattolica and Thomas Jefferson University (East Falls Undergraduate College Campus and Sidney Kimmel Medical College).


The 2013/2014 academic year saw Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore launch its six - year single - cycle Master’s Degree programme in Medicine and Surgery, with an innovative curriculum and taught entirely in English.
The programme provides for full integration of teaching objectives and methods used in European and US curricula. It provides the scientific basis and the theoretical and practical training essential for the exercise of the medical profession internationally. Students receive top quality education which will allow them to develop all the technical competencies required to operate independently and responsibly in the medical sector. The overall objectives are pursued using a teaching approach designed to examine health issues in depth in a holistic manner, taking account of the influence of the surrounding chemical - physical, biological and social environment.
The aim of the single - cycle Master’s Degree programme in Medicine and Surgery is to educate, help and support future medical practitioners with professional knowledge enriched by a multidisciplinary and integrated view of the most common issues related to health and illnesses.
The scope of this programme is oriented towards the community and the regional area, with specific focus on prevention and wellbeing.
Skills and attributes that graduates will exhibit include the following:

  1. communication skills;
  2. continuing education and good self-assessment skills;
  3. strong analytical and problem solving skills for medical practice;
  4. in-depth and focused clinical experience based upon scientific evidence;
  5. continuing professional development and refreshment of medical knowledge;
  6. wide-ranging and interdisciplinary education.

One outstanding feature of the programme is the complete integration of basic and clinical sciences.
This is achieved through constant use of a multi-disciplinary approach and early involvement in patient management. In addition, not only is there an emphasis on medical anthropology and bioethics, there is also focus
on fine-tuning communication skills to deal with patients and their families which is an essential part of the six years of teaching.

The programme provides a strong foundation as well as all-round theoretical and practical competence. Students also acquire skills for independent decision-making and are trained to deal effectively with health issues from the viewpoint of prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

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