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Admissions and enrolment
2 Years
Degree Classes
LM-19 (Informazione e sistemi editoriali) - LM-59 (Scienze della comunicazione pubblica, d'impresa e pubblicità)

How can I access internship offers related to my programme?
Internship proposals are available on the portal. Career Advisers can also send proposals directly to your @icatt mailbox via a weekly newsletter.

How does the procedure for activating the curricular internship with ECTS take place (once the 24 ECTS have been reached)?
The internship must be activated through the portal. If the company is not affiliated, it will have to proceed with the registration phase through the indicated portal and follow the instructions that will be sent by email from time to time. Only once the agreement has been activated will the company be able to activate the training project, which must be approved by the student and the Career Adviser, indicated during the activation phase. The complete procedure for activating curricular internships with ECTS can be viewed here.

I did not attend the 'Self branding and job positioning' workshop, can I activate the internship (curricular with ECTS)?
No, you cannot activate the curricular internship with ECTS if you have not taken part in the 'Self branding and Job positioning' workshop.

How to obtain recognition of ECTS?
Validation of the internship follow the appropriate call (analogous to exams). There is only one call per session and it is up to the students to register for the most suitable date according to their career path. Before registering for the call, trainees must ask the company to complete an evaluation questionnaire on their internships. If the questionnaire is not completed with a positive evaluation, the internship cannot be approved.
The last available call will be 15 days before the chosen graduation session.
The call dates for internship registration can be found at this page and are updated by the offices periodically.

What is the procedure that the involved company has to follow to approve my activity?
The company can complete the internship evaluation questionnaire from 5 days before to 20 days after the end of the internship.  When the questionnaire is completed the Career Advisers (in case of a positive evaluation) can approve it.

The steps to proceed as a company:

  • Access the portal with your company credentials
  • In the Internships and placements box, click on "CONSULT INTERNSHIP HISTORY"
  • In the list, find the name of the trainee and click on 'EVALUATE INTERNSHIP'

How can I have a business approved?
In the case of a professional activity (INTERNSHIP C), as indicated in the Regulations, the student must present the employment contract to the Career Advisers. It has to contain the dates of employment and the performed tasks. Submission deadlines are communicated by Career Advisers at the beginning of the Accademic Year by email. The recognition of ECTS is possible through registration for the appropriate call.

What is the average duration of a curricular internship with ECTS?
A curricular internship with ECTS lasts, on average, three months in a full-time option or six months in a part-time option. Students are invited to carefully examine the duration of the internship. In any case, at least 270 hours of internship must be completed for ECTS to be recognised.

Is it possible to suspend an internship if it does not meet our expectations?
The suspension of an internship and the consequent cancellation of the training project must be authorised by the Career Advisers to verify the reasons for the interruption of the internship with all the involved parties. If the company positively assesses the activity performed by the intern, the internship hours actually performed can be recognised and a supplementary activity can be agreed with the Career Adviser to cover the missing hours. The suspension request must be sent by the company to the Stage & Placement Office (

Can I extend the curricular internship with ECTS?
Once the curricular internship with ECTS has been completed, it can be extended as a curricular internship with ZERO ECTS by following the procedures at or contacting the Stage & Placement Office directly ( Career Advisers are contact persons for curricular internships with ECTS only.

If I have already obtained ECTS for curricular internship activities, can I still use the internship mentoring service offered by the Career Advisers?
The service is aimed at first- and second-year students in debt of the curricular internship with ECTS. Students who have already carried out this activity can refer to the University Stage & Placement Service.

Is it possible to acquire internship ECTS in foreign companies or corporations?
Yes, it is possible. The procedures for setting up an internship abroad are described in the Regulations. Please note that the Stage & Placement Office provides forms in English for non-Italian-speaking institutions.

Where can I find training offers for internships abroad?
Internship abroad proposals can be searched on the portal or on the UCSC International website.

Does the Stage & Placement portal also offer internship positions abroad?
Yes, it does. In order to locate internship positions abroad more quickly, it is advisable to scroll through the online internship advertisement board, then click on 'search foreign advertisement'. Warning: before leaving for any destination, do not forget to check the Farnesina website

Where can I find internship offers abroad on the UCSC International website?
You can get all the information about the internship abroad here
All companies involved in an internship agreement have to register on the portal. This procedure must also be carried out in the case of companies already present on the UCSC International portal. The company carries out the registration procedure, entering its own data and the student's training project, following the pathway "Curricular internship with ECTS". Registration on the portal is essential for the internship to be approved for curricular purposes (i.e. to produce ECTS). The entire procedure must be completed before departure.

How do I get my abroad internship ECTS recognised?
The recognition of internship ECTS follows the same procedure as for curricular internships with ECTS in Italian companies. Following the company's positive assessment, the ECTS recognition follows the registration at the appropriate call (similar to exams). There is only one call per session and it is up to the students to register on the most appropriate date according to their career path. The last available call will be 15 days before the chosen graduation session. The call dates for internship registration can be found at this page and are updated by the offices periodically.

Is there financial support for curricular internships abroad?
Students can apply for a scholarship. Once the convention has been activated (see Regulations), you can contact UCSC International to acquire the necessary documentation to apply for financial support. Please note that the request for financial support can only be considered if the registration procedures on the portal have been completed