Communication for Business, Media and Culture


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domestic applicants
2 Years
Degree Classes
LM-19 (Informazione e sistemi editoriali) - LM-59 (Scienze della comunicazione pubblica, d'impresa e pubblicità)

As part of the optional and elective training activities (free choice), some seminars are recommended. They have to be indicated when submitting students' study plans.

Seminars are held by professionals and offer specific skills in the different sectors of media communication.

Attendance at the seminars is mandatory. Given the practical and applicative nature of the seminars, not all of them provide alternative paths to presence in the classroom. In case of absence, even justified (for internship activities or participation in mobility projects abroad recognized by the University), students are asked to contact the lecturers before starting the course.

Unless otherwise indicated, given by the professor in charge of the seminar, approval of the seminar is subject to: attendance of at least 75% of the lesson hours; the quality of presence in the classroom; carrying out the tasks and projects assigned by the teacher; passing any tests that the course holder deems necessary to administer.

The seminars grades are registered by a commission chaired by the Coordinators 3 times during the year starting from the June-July session and with the following calendar:

I registration: summer session

II registration: autumn session

III registration: extraordinary session

The registration of the seminars is carried out on the basis of the indications provided by the seminar holders at the beginning/end of the seminars.


  • Content Marketing Podcast: introducing the fundamental concepts of marketing and communication strategy, applied to the field of podcasts and providing tools for conceiving, designing and promoting a podcast and listener retention techniques while analyzing the different marketing strategies that can be used.        

Students are invited to register for the exam session relating to the seminar(s) attended; recording is carried out in deferred mode. The presence of the student in the classroom is not required.

Please remember that registration in deferred mode requires acceptance of the judgment by the student. Registration will be automatically notified by sending an email message to the student containing the request to accept the approval or non-approval of the seminar.

To verify the update of their personal position in the online booklet, students are invited to wait for the closing of each session (approximately 3 weeks from the date of the exam).

During the registration grade, priority will be given to graduating students.

Students that due to curricular reasons (semester abroad, curricular internship,...) are unable to participate in the seminars can accrue the corresponding training credits by collaborating on the communication platforms of the Course. Substitution is possible for a maximum of 2 credits, equivalent to 1 seminar. The methods of collaboration with the platforms are illustrated in ("Scrivi per noi” section).