Communication for Business, Media and Culture


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Admissions and enrolment
2 Years
Degree Classes
LM-19 (Informazione e sistemi editoriali) - LM-59 (Scienze della comunicazione pubblica, d'impresa e pubblicità)

In the first year, students acquire skills in business economics, marketing and strategic marketing, languages and management of media content, social and psychological impacts of communication processes in digital environments.

In the second year, students acquire strategic knowledge and advanced skills in the areas of business communication and marketing, design and planning of campaigns, design and management of media content, and apply this knowledge to cases and projects related to communication, media and creative enterprises (art, agencies and media centers).

The address provides for the application of what has been learned in the first year in projects developed in partnership with companies in different sectors.

During the two-year course, students will acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  • knowledge of communication and organizational culture, management dynamics in organizations and the characteristics and behavior styles of consumers
  • Knowledge of the fundamental strategies of communication and promotion of products and brands, of public and private companies
  • Advanced knowledge of the various fields of communication and information and their tools and channels, with reference to the media used in the communication of businesses, public and non-profit organizations
  • Knowledge of marketing and management strategies and tools for businesses
  • Psychological and sociological knowledge of the impact of communication on individuals, groups and society
  • Legal knowledge and knowledge of the main norms and deontological rules of communication processes, in a national and international context
  • Strategic skills suitable for the planning and management of internal and external communication flows of companies, also through the use of new information technologies, of public bodies and companies and third sector organizations
  • Knowledge of the techniques of creative work and of the promotion and management of integrated communication plans l ability to design and write content suitable for multi-platform communication
  • Methodological skills suitable for the creation of communication products and promotional campaigns for public bodies, businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Writing skills, including dramaturgy, and organization and planning of events
  • Analytical skills, the use of tools and metrics necessary to evaluate the impact of communicative actions.

All the courses of the study plan combine a first part (institutional) aimed at maturing strategic knowledge and knowledge in the various disciplinary areas, with reference to the most advanced approaches, models and tools, and a second part (professionalizing) designed to learn the use of methodologies and tools of business communication and the creation and management of communication content.
The internship activity is an integral part of the training path of the degree programme.