Faculty of Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari e Ambientali

Food production management


Academic Year 2022/2023

Duration 3 anni

Language English

Degree Class L-25 (Scienze e tecnologie agrarie e forestali) - L-26 (Scienze e tecnologie alimentari)

The programme in Food production management aims at developing academic knowledge and skills with reference to the agri-food chains of typical products through an agronomic, alimentary, economic and environmental perspective.
It provides a thorough interdisciplinary knowledge on the development of the agri-food sector and on its economic and environmental impact from different scientific perspectives.

It is the first degree programme of this kind in Italy entirely focused on agri-food sustainability and its economic and environmental components.

The Food production management programme aims to train students for entry into the main agri-food chains at different levels (suppliers of raw materials, companies, transformers, retailers and wholesalers, trade organizations) in order to maintain or improve the:

  1. quality
  2. sustainability
  3. image

of agricultural production.

Some students share their experiences

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