Actuarial sciences, risk and data analysis


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Admissions and enrolment
2 Years
Degree Classes
LM-83 (Scienze statistiche attuariali e finanziarie)

Coordinator Alberto Floreani talks about the programme

Learning goals

The learning goals for the Master of Science in Actuarial sciences, risk and data analysis (which belongs to Course Class LM-83 and is taught in English) include the following competencies, knowledge and abilities:

  • strong knowledge of statistical ad data analysis methodologies and its applications in the fields of economics, economic-management, finance, demography, sociology, insurance and social security;
  • deep knowledge of mathematical models, specifically probability models to apply to finance and actuarial phenomena as well as economic and corporate sciences;
  • deep knowledge of quantitative models in the area of risk management;
  • mastery of logic, conceptual and methodological tools for planning and executing research for the analysis and evaluation of complex systems linked to economies, production, markets, insurance problems and the environment, with a specific reference to the occurrence of damaging events;
  • corresponding ability to build models that explain and foresee phenomena being studied and establish their applicability and validity with data analysis, and therefore a highly qualifying operating ability in the field of quantitative analysis of economic, corporate, socio-demographic and financial problems related to social security and insurance.

The Master of science in Actuarial sciences, risk and data analysis  allows a direct access to the Italian Actuary State Exam. The study plan is aligned with the core Syllabus of the international Actuarial Association allowing graduate to pursue careers globally.


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