Workshop | 09 giugno 2023

Conflicts and the Economy


9:00 - Welcome

  • Raul CARUSO, Department of Economic Policy, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and EPS – Economists for Peace and Security

9:10-9:45 - The Geography of Conflict in European History, 1000-1800

  • Matteo CERVELLATI, University of Bologna
  • Sara LAZZARONI, University of Bologna
  • Massimiliano ONORATO, University of Bologna
  • Paolo VANIN, University of Bologna

9:46-10:21 - When Pork-Barrel Fails to Work: Evidence from the construction of dams and the use of Forced Labor

  • Gema LAX MARTÍNEZ, Université de Lausanne

10:12-10:39 – Coffee Break

10:40-11:15 - Education and Military Expenditures: countervailing forces in designing economic policy

  • Anna BALESTRA, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Raul CARUSO, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

11:16-11:51 - Costs of Conflict Revisited

  • Andrea CRIPPA, University of Perugia
  • Giorgio D’AGOSTINO, Roma Tre University
  • John Paul DUNNE, University of Cape Town
  • Luca PIERONI, University of Perugia

11:52-12:17 - Local sources of vulnerability to climate change and armed conflicts in East Africa

  • Federica CAPPELLI, University of Ferrara
  • Valeria COSTANTINI, Roma Tre University
  • Mariagrazia D’ANGELI, Roma Tre University
  • Giovanni MARIN, University of Urbino Carlo Bo
  • Elena PAGLIALUNGA, University of Urbino Carlo Bo

12:18-12:53 - Conflict and firms’ performance: Geo-localised evidence from a global dataset

  • Emanuele BRANCATI, Sapienza University of Rome and IZA
  • Michele DI MAIO, Sapienza University of Rome and IZA
  • Roberta GATTI, World Bank
  • Asif ISLAM, World Bank
  • Aminur RAHMAN, Asian Development Bank

12:55-13:43 - Light Lunch with Sandwiches

13:45-14:20 - News and migration decisions: Evidence from Libya

  • Michele DI MAIO, Sapienza University of Rome and IZA
  • Nelly ELMALLAKH, World Bank
  • Valerio Leone SCIABOLAZZA, Sapienza University of Rome

14:21-14:56 - Domestic Violence Laws and Social Norms: Evidence from Pakistan

  • Marinella LEONE, University of Pavia
  • Selim GULESCI, Trinity College
  • Sameen ZAFAR, University of Nottingham

14:57-15:32 - Terrorism, perpetrators and polarization: Evidence from natural experiments

  • Vincenzo BOVE, University of Warwick
  • Riccardo DI LEO, Carlos III-Juan March Institute
  • Georgios EFTHYVOULOU, University of Sheffield
  • Harry PICKARD, Newcastle University

15:33-16:08 - Imports of Small Arms and Human Rights Violations

  • Adelaide BARONCHELLI, University of Torino
  • Raul CARUSO, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

16:10-16:15 - Wrap up

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