Physics for technologies and innovation


2 Anni
Classe Di Laurea
LM-17 (Fisica)

The practice in learning new concepts and rationalizing, modelling and solving complex problems, the familiarity with cutting-edge and international research environments make physicists the top-choice for any technologically-oriented enterprise or company. This programme aims at opening many non-academic career opportunities in non-academic environments, which seek for young talents able to conceive and develop disruptive technologies and drive business-change processes.

Graduates from the Master in Physics for Technologies and Innovation will be ready to enter the world of new technologies and innovative business in large companies, small and medium enterprises, start-ups, incubators, science and technology parks, public administrations. In particular, the Master will target the Innovation Manager profile, which is emerging as the key figure to drive the digital and technological transformation of SMEs and large industries or industry networks.

As more specific examples, a physicist with strong expertise in Innovation Management will be ready to tackle the following issues: 

  • implementing Key Enabling Technologies included in the National Industry Plan 4.0, such as novel materials and technologies for advanced manufacturing, data analysis, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • evaluating the digital and technological innovation opportunities starting from the needs of enterprises in relation to their reference market;
  • promoting and managing the cultural and process-related changes necessary to implement new technologies;
  • analysing and critically evaluating, contributing with original scientific approaches, the innovation projects on-course within the company.