Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


All the libraries of the five UCSC campuses use a centralized General Catalogue for shared access to over 2 million books, more than 32,000 printed periodicals and more than 42.560 e-journals.

Each library has its own website setting out what services it offers.



Piacenza e Cremona


The UCSC Integrated Library System supports and contributes to the constant improvement of education, learning and research activities of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, by selecting, collecting, organizing, safeguarding, preserving, disseminating and sharing documents recording human knowledge.
The Library System pursues its mission by providing its patrons with the appropriate facilities to use its rich and diverse collections and resources.

  • Improve all the facilities aimed at informing and integrating all the main resources available for research and teaching.
    Ensure availability of its holdings (paper-based and electronic resources, etc.) through a single portal providing access to the unified electronic catalogue, bibliographic, full-text or statistical databases, full-text e-journals, article and book indexes, digitized document archives, e-books.
    Provide library users with direction to resources available on the Internet by selecting the information relevant for specific research purposes.
  • Give support to academic and teaching staff for their research, teaching activities and education development by providing access to printed and electronic collections held by the UCSC Libraries and by easing resource exchange with other University Libraries.

Further communication and cooperation among the four campuses and coordinate purchase policies, especially with regard to electronic resources, while respecting the decision-making autonomy of each campus.