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Facoltà di: Economia; Psicologia

International Marketing Management - MIMM


Anno accademico 2023/2024

Lingua English

Tipologia Master Master di I livello

Frequenza Full time

Field projects
  • The field projects complement and complete the training objectives of the MIMM. They are opportunities for learning and training with companies, being characterized by a strong synergy between theory and practice.
  • The field projects are commissioned by a company/organization and coordinated by a company tutor representative and an academic one chosen ad hoc.
  • Being a group project, the field projects help building the capacity of teamwork and problem solving.
  • The field projects will take place from January 2024 till June 2024, during the day free from lessons.

In the previous 8 editions the following consulting projects have been launched:



Students can complete the program by taking an internship at one of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’s partner companies.

It takes place at companies and organizations with an international orientation.
The internship search is supervised and managed by the Scientific Direction and the Didactic Coordination of MIMM, who oversee and ensure consistency and relevance of the internship contents with respect to the specialization areas of the Master.
It avails an administrative support by the Stage & Placement service.

The internship has a minimum duration of 3 months (full time commitment) and can take place at the end of Master's classes.

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