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Facoltà di: Economia; Psicologia

International Marketing Management - MIMM


Anno accademico 2023/2024

Lingua English

Tipologia Master Master di I livello

Frequenza Full time

"MIMM is definitely one of the best choices I have ever made. Professors were not only extremely prepared but, most of all, treated us as equals; we students were able to talk to them about anything, without the fear of feeling judged. MIMM prepared me to enter my working life at best, I felt guided throughout the whole year and knew that I could ask for help in anytime. I am sure that the bonds (both personal and academic) created during this experience will always be part of what I am today and of what I will be in my future."

“As far as I am concerned, the MIMM program provided me one of the best experience of my University career. It has been the right choice to finish my studies (it is the best alternative if you are looking for a more practical and shorter way to complete your studies and improve your English, necessary to enter in the labor market).”

“The idea of gathering different people from different countries was very effective to learn about how other cultures are and how to manage the relationships. Combination of Italians and other cultures also helped us in both informal and formal contexts considering group projects.”

“MIMM has been an amazing and challenging experience. In class the climate was very pleasant and I was very involved during the lessons (team works, conferences, meetings.”

"With my MIMM classmates we were like a family: we were together inside and outside the class. We all come from different countries so we have to care about each other and being helpful. And when you are abroad, this is highly appreciated.”

“This experience changed my life and I am very grateful to the MIMM program. We had great professionals and professors, and I really liked their way of teaching. Working in groups was a great plus. It was also extremely important to combine classical learning with a practical approach.”

“I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, share opinions and cultural differences with colleagues. I think the MIMM was a great starting experience for my career, I learned so much and I'm really satisfied of this experience.”

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