Scadenza iscrizioni: September 10 2024

Facoltà di: Economia; Psicologia

International Marketing Management - MIMM


Anno accademico 2024/2025

Lingua English

Tipologia Master Master di I livello

Frequenza Full time

 "We believe in the value of multidisciplinarity in our education. This is why the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Psychology have given origin to the Master in International Marketing Management - (MIMM). The goal is to provide a set of competences necessary to work in organizations that have to understand and manage the complexity of international markets and customers.”

Annalisa Tunisini, Professor of Marketing, MIMM Director


 “Flexibiliy,  analytical and decisional skills, ability to understand and manage the diversity and dynamism of markets with creative and lateral thinking, are necessary to face the increasingly complex business contexts. The Master MIMM fosters an inclusive culture and cultivates adaptable capabilities that readily embrace change”.

Edoardo Lozza, Professor in Consumer and Marketing Psychology and Economic Psychology, MIMM Scientific Coordinator



The one year Master in International Marketing Management - MIMM aims to develop knowledge, competencies and abilities necessary to analyze the international markets and to assume managerial, commercial and marketing responsibilities. This program will give attendants competencies to operate in international contexts thanks to its original, dynamic and unique educational approach. MIMM aims at virtuously integrating the management and marketing disciplines with the psychological-organizational ones. The main educational purpose is to make students open-minded and flexible to effectively adapt to the long-lasting challenges that characterize the current international market contexts.

Teaching is conducted by academics of international standing, managers and professionals. The Program includes case discussions, role playing, field projects and seminars. An internship and a final project will complete the educational program.

Key Facts

May the 24th, 2024 – first round
June the 28th, 2024 – second round
July the 26th, 2024 – third round
September the th, 2024 – fourth round

€ 12.000

Duration: 1 year

Classes start: September the 16h, 2024

Number of participants: 30

Campus: Milan

Taught in: English

Requirements & Professional Paths

  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Basic level of Italian language (suggested)

MIMM aims to provide students with a solid knowledge of marketing strategies on both a national and international scale giving them the opportunity to access professional careers such as:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Country Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Brand and Communication Manager
  • Digital marketing Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Analyst
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