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Facoltà di: Scienze Bancarie, Finanziarie e Assicurative

Credit Risk Management - CRERIM


Anno accademico 2023/2024

Lingua English

Tipologia Master Master di II livello

Frequenza Part time

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Si informa che per l'anno accademico 2023/2024 il Master Credit Risk Management - CRERIM, non sarà attivato

Elena Beccalli, Direttore del Master Credit Risk Management - CRERIM


CRERIM is the only Specializing Master program on Credit Risk Management in Italy. It combines quantitative training with a multidisciplinary vision of the credit risk, its management and its measurement. Being SAS accredited Academic Master Degree Program, it offers the possibility to work in software SAS and prepare for the official examination, and a chance to obtain the internationally valued SAS certificate.

The Master in Credit Risk Management aims to:

Offer in-depth technical and legal training and vision of credit risk management to other corporate functions;

Provide a deeper understanding of innovative and specific areas of credit risk management such as communication, retail credit risk, governance and influence of cognitive and behavioral distortions in the emergence of credit risk retail;

Provide a thematic focus on credit risk in the key credit management phases: client acquisition, portfolio management and planning;

Offer a solid knowledge of computer analytical instruments in order to carry out the operational side of credit risk management;

Provide an adequate overview of statistical techniques for acquisition strategies, segmentation and propensity of retail clientele;

Provide in-depth knowledge of relevant Credit Risk software (SAS) enabling students to preform well day-to-day professional activities.


Main Features

Teaching Method

An applied approach taught by professionals from the most qualified organizations, both domestic and foreign. The traditional teaching method is complemented by the most innovative methodologies, group projects, case studies and IT workshops.

International Perspective

Courses are taught in English with classes made of students with an international background. The Faculty includes members with outstanding international reputation that create supportive and stimulating environment while helping students to develop professional networks.

Internship (or project work)

Students are offered internship opportunities in some of the most relevant and distinguished companies and banks. Placement offers can be arranged both in Italy and abroad.

SAS accredited Master

Being SAS Academic Master’s Degree program, CRERIM gives students the opportunity to prepare for the SAS Base official examination and opens the door to the new professional possibilities, thanks to the international value of SAS certification.

Close cooperation

The collaboration with companies and banks, in addition to internships offered, brings a unique opportunity to learn from the direct experience of leading managers that teach students to advance their analytical skills and help gain competitive advantage in the job market.

Key Facts

€ 7.500

Scholarships available

1 year Full-time

Classes start and Campus: November, 2023 Milan

Number of participants: 30

Taught in: English


Requirements & Professional paths

Master of Science degree in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Engineering or similar, Political Science and Law from an accredited University recognized by Italian law. Disciplines other than those indicated could be assessed at the incontestable discretion of the panel.

Students preparing for a Master’s degree to be achieved by December, 2023.

Good command of the English language is mandatory.

The acquired skills will enable participants to carry out credit risk management activities in banks, insurance companies and IT vendors at an international level.

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