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CV and motivation letter (A)

Corso  5 ottobre 2017
Aula: 32 -  Ore: 12.30-1.30PM
Via E. Parmense 84, Piacenza

AGENZIA REGIONALE LAVORO Ambito territoriale Piacenza

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The dynamics of the labour market are currently discontinued and recruiters are increasingly demanding in the selection process. Consider career guidance activities before graduating, it is therefore essential and strategic.
Knowledge and presentation of himself through CV and motivation letter, managing a one-to-one interview and an assessment center and new but no less important e-recruiting instruments must be considered as key elements for successfully manage the process of labour market approach and play the most of every opportunity.

Participates actively in the events that we offer in English in the 1st semester of the academic year 2017/18:
Participation is free and open to all students and graduates from all faculties of the University.
Participation in four laboratories (1-2-3-4) is compulsory and preparatory to demand delivery of internship for students on Piacenza Campus (who have not attended the same seminar series of the last academic year) enrolled at academic year 17/18:
-2nd year of Master's degree program in Business Management – address "International Management, Legislation and Society";
-1st year of Master's degree program in Global Business Management.

Attendance will be recorded.

-It is mandatory to follow 4 workshops (one per type of content: 1-2-3-4)
-it is possible to choose between "block A" and "block B"
-You can choose to follow some seminars from "block A" and others from "block B"
-For reasons of scheduling:

•    the "block A" is especially recommended for students of the Master's degree in Business Management – address "International Management, Legislation and Society" enrolled in the 2nd year of the course
•    the "block B" is especially recommended for students of the Master's degree in Global Business Management enrolled in the 1st year of the course

-Mandatory training meetings will be repeated in the 2nd semester of the academic year 17/18; you can, also in connection with the time to conduct the internship, choose between the two periods.

Events are promoted in chronological order and by the same type of content two at once.
You can access at the next event after expiration date of previous.

Example: at the moment you can book for one of the two events:
(1) CV AND MOTIVATIONAL LETTER - Agenzia Regionale Lavoro PC [October 5th] at the link: http://www.unicatt.it/iscrizioneonline-eventi/default.asp?ID_Ufficio=&idpagam=4234&per_studenti_UC=0;1;0;0
(1) CV AND MOTIVATIONAL LETTER - BAYVIEW ITALIA [October 9th] at the link: http://www.unicatt.it/iscrizioneonline-eventi/default.asp?ID_Ufficio=&idpagam=4235&per_studenti_UC=0;1;0;0

In order to book, time after time, at the session of interest, REMEMBER to consult http://sep.unicatt.it/sep-comitato-universita-mondo-del-lavoro-eventi-7594#content or http://www.unicatt.it - Corsi e Servizi --> Stage e Placement --> Eventi.

Should you need any other  information or cancel your registration, please call to 0523 599 388, or write to: ser.placement-pc@unicatt.it.

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