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Celebrating 10 years of CHEI


Thursday 16 September - 11.00-12.30
The CHEI story

Showcasing the first ten years of CHEI


Amanda Murphy, CHEI Director


  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome by the Rector’s Delegate, Pier Sandro Cocconcelli
  3. Conversation. View from the Management Board with Pier Sandro Cocconcelli (Rector’s Delegate for Internationalisation and President of CHEI) and Edilio Mazzoleni  (Director of Global Engagement and International Education)
  4. Conversation. Intellectual drivers, aspirations and achievements with John Hudzik (Founding Chair, CHEI Academic Board) and Hans de Wit (Founding Director of CHEI)
  5. Conversation. Looking forward with Fiona Hunter (Associate Director of CHEI) and Christopher Ziguras (Academic Board)
  6. Wrap up with Amanda Murphy (Director of CHEI) presenting the CHEI Founding Scholars and introducing the members of the new Management and Academic Boards

Thursday 16 September - 15.00-16.30
Implications of a changing world for CHEI

Looking at global trends and the implications for the CHEI agenda


Stephen Dunnett (Academic Board)


  1. Global HE trends by Francisco Marmolejo (Academic Board) and research implications by Rosalind Raby (Affiliated Faculty)
  2. Reflections from their own research: Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans (CHEI alumna), Jos Beelen (CHEI alumnus) and Jennifer Malerich (CHEI graduand), Malaika Serrano (CHEI student)
  3. Contribution to Università Cattolica:  Olivia Mair (CHEI Research Fellow), Jane Pollard (CHEI Educational Developer) and Karen M. Lauridsen (Affiliated Faculty)

Friday 17 September - 11.00-12.30
The CHEI experience

An interactive discussion on the unique opportunities and challenges presented by the CHEI community, and on early experiences as applicants and students


Betty Leask (Academic Board)


Prospective and current students through to alumni will reflect on their motivations, expectations and experiences.

Students and alumni:

Prospective Students; Lucie Weissova, Antonio Vanni, Agata Mannino,

Current Students: Cara Bonnington, Marina Casals, Jérôme Rickmann

Alumni: Amit Marantz, Visnja Schampers

Friday 17 September - 15.00-16.30
Impact of the CHEI experience on personal and professional lives

Students and alumni reflect on their experiences during later years of the PhD programme, and how their personal and professional lives have benefited either on-programme or since graduation.


Elspeth Jones (Academic Board)


From getting their research underway right through to thesis writing, graduation and beyond, how did students experience the programme? How have CHEI seminars supported the online experience?

Students: Fabio Coelho, Dawn Wood, Alyona Ovchinnikova

Alumni: Dolly Predovic, Ravi Ammigan


dal 16 settembre 2021 al 17 settembre 2021



The sessions will be delivered as webinars

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