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CALLmi: Where are we going? International Symposium on current and future trends in CALL, MALL and VLE

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Aula: G023 Mons. Colombo // G011 Borsi -  Ore: 8.15

Largo A. Gemelli, 1, Milano

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  • Prof. Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Open University, UK
  • Prof. Michael Thomas, University of Central Lancashire, UK

■ Technology-mediated language learning: Computer-Assisted and Mobile-Assisted Language Learning, and Virtual Learning Environments
■ Effective technology integration in language teaching and learning
■ Intercultural and pedagogical opportunities, challenges and limitations provided by technologies, virtual
environments and mobile devices
■ Virtual learning environments within the field of higher education internationalisation (IHE)
Open to researchers, doctoral students, educators, teachers and teacher trainers

Note for teachers

In line with current legislation, this seminar falls within those training and refresher courses for teachers carried out by universities which are automatically recognised by school management bodies, and which allow teachers of all levels and categories to access the legal and economic benefits arising from taking part in such training activities. (Art. 64, CCNL 2007.)

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