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Admissions and enrolment
3 Years
Degree Classes
L-20 (Scienze della comunicazione)

About internships

Internships offer students an invaluable chance to access the world of work in order to experience and apply the concepts learned in university and to evaluate their real motivation when stepping into a professional role.

An internship represents an opportunity for professional and personal growth and enhances the student’s study curriculum as it is integrative to individual study and the university learning process.

They can be seen as a moment of experimentation, a way to try out a particular career which enables students to see the connection between knowledge acquired at university and how it is applied in a particular organisation.

Since the University understands how important internships are, they are now included in most of its academic programmes as credit-bearing activities.

The number of credits and how they are assigned varies according to the regulations of the individual Faculties and Degree programmes.

Internship tutor reference
Georgia Conte
Student reception: Wednesday 09.30-10.30 at Sala Tutor. Students are kindly asked to reserve.
Contact details:

Specific details about the internship
Internship Term
The internship must last at least 3 months part time / 2 months full time.

Internship Obligations
The internship is mandatory. In the event the internship won’t be carried out, students can replace it with other educational activities recognized by the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.

The internship guarantees 3 university credits (CFU).
The 3 CFU of the internship can be achieved in the following 5 ways:

  1. Internship proposed by the Faculty through the figure of the internship tutor.
    Students will be included in a mailing list where they can find internship proposals and application methods throughout the year.
  2. Recognition of work activity
    Students who have an employment contract in place or have carried out a suitable work activity during the three-year-course can request recognition in order to obtain internship credits by presenting a letter on the company letterhead in which they certify such activity. Eligibility for credit recognition will be assessed by the internship tutor
  3. Internship proposed by the student
    Students can propose internships lasting between two and three months (between 160 and 320 hours), which will give them the right to acquire 3 credits. The proposed internship must include tasks related to the training path undertaken by students.
    A first judgment on the suitability of the duties is given by the tutor. In case of uncertainty, the tutor will inform the tutoring commission which will issue a definitive judgment. The internship must take place regularly at the headquarters of the institution or company. Parents or a relative must not employ them.
  4. ​​Alternative activities to the internship
    As an alternative activity to the internship, students can include the passing of the exam relating to one of laboratories (LAB)

Internship Activation Procedure
To activate the curriculum internship you need to access the website:
Before starting the internship, you should explain to the internship tutor the timeframe, procedures, contents, and tasks regarding the internship. Once you have received confirmation from the tutor, you can start the activation procedure.
Internship activation procedure