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Other educational activities may be recognised in return for non-compulsory internship or traineeship experience, or other training activities (such as conferences, workshops, participation in research activities, language or computer skills courses, experience abroad, service learning, etc.) deemed valid and suitable by the competent teaching body.

In order to cover the above-mentioned credits, the Faculty recommends that students choose from the following educational activities as a priority:



In order to set up an internship, the student must contact the relevant supervisor in good time (for contact details and office hours, see: "Internship supervisor contacts"). It may be the student him/herself who proposes an internship activity.

The Faculty invites students to consult the ST&P portal (, which is the web tool for contacts between interested companies and students or recent graduates from all the campuses of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Students will be able to carry out a targeted online search for profiles corresponding to specific recruiting needs and respond to advertisements, preparing their own motivational letter and curriculum vitae accordingly.

What is an internship?

A curricular internship with ECTS, also in the form of a traineeship, is an educational and professional training experience carried out in a working context (school, company, laboratory) with defined and agreed training objectives. The internship is therefore a key to accessing the world of work, enabling students to test the notions they have learnt in the field.

Internship details

Internships must have a minimum duration of  30 hours.

The internship is not compulsory: students are free to choose between an internship or other training activities recognised by the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.

Internships may also be carried out abroad. See for further information: Programme Details → International Experience → Internship;

The Internship requires compulsory attendance and can be "approved" if the student:

  1. has attended the required hours;
  2. has obtained a positive evaluation from the company supervisor;
  3. has submitted an adequate final report on the internship.

The credits accrued (6 ECTS) will be registered as "Internship".

Study plan code: MH8022 Internship

Internship activation procedure

The organisation is chosen on the basis of a proposal made by the student, after ascertaining its congruity with the training objectives established by the Faculty.

Before starting the internship, the student must explain to the Internship Supervisor the timing, methods, contents and tasks envisaged. Once confirmation has been received from the Supervisor, it will be possible to start the activation procedure by asking the company to fill in the training project on the portal

Students in the Physics for Innovation and Technologies profile who have chosen an internship during their first year may supplement this activity with a second internship (Stage 2 - code MG5068) in accordance with the above indications.


Work experience

If the student carries out work experiences that are relevant to the training course undertaken, the Faculty may recognise them as equivalent to internship activities.  This experience must have been carried out during the period of university studies, must not have been subject to previous requests for recognition and must not have been carried out in the employment of parents or a relative.

Recognition procedure

The student must submit the following documents to the work experience supervisor:
a) written report by the student on the experience
b) a letter on company letterhead (signed by the owner) indicating the duration of the work experience and the tasks carried out.

The credits gained (6 ECTS) will be registered as "Internship".


Internship supervisor contacts

Dr. Valentina Gosetti
Reception: by appointment
Via della Garzetta 48, Brescia (1st floor - north part of the building).



A foreign language course promoted by the University Linguistic Service - SeLdA to be chosen from French, Spanish and German;

The credits accrued (6 ECTS) will be registered as French Language, Spanish Language, or German Language. The examination will be registered directly by the teacher of the language course.

Study plan code:

  • MGG924 French language and FYR038 (prova scritta)
  • MGH628 German language and FYR040 (prova scritta)
  • MGG925 Spanish language and FYR039 (prova scritta)



Another option to gain ECTS as other training activities is to take part in a Service Learning experience (

Within the Service Learning project, students seize the chance to learn and grow through active participation in an organized service that meets the needs of its local community, coordinated by educational bodies within the community itself, oriented toward fostering civic responsibility.

More specifically, in the a.y. 2022-2023 it has been possible to activate collaborations with long-stay paediatric wards of the Spedali Civili Hospital in Brescia and the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, and with il Calabrone cooperative society, to promote mathematical and physical knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way, through games and interactive activities organized by groups of students of the Faculty, for secondary school children.


Lecturers for Service Learning Experiences

Prof. Stefania Pagliara

Prof. Giulia Giantesio


Service Learning experiences details

Service Learning is awarded 6 university credits (ECTS).

The 6 credits earned will be registered as "Service Learning Experiences".

Study plan code: MGQ777 Service learning experiences



As an alternative to the previous options, students may include an activity relating to their curricular training, proposing it to the teacher for prior approval. By way of example, activities such as the following can be assessed:

  • Active and attested participation in conferences (at least 15 conferences) or seminar cycles. The student will have to draw up short reports to be handed in to the teacher;
  • Successful participation in workshops, master classes, summer schools and the like;
  • Participation in activities for the dissemination and promotion of scientific culture organised by the University or Faculty;
  • Extension of a study experience abroad. Those who take part in the Erasmus or Overseas programmes, in one of the centres affiliated to the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, can accrue the 6 ECTS  of the Other Educational Activities through the profitable attendance of training activities (courses, seminars or workshops), congruent with the chosen study plan, organised by the foreign host university and aimed at the acquisition of professional skills both in the field of teaching and in the various possible fields of application (economic, financial, statistical, computer science ...). The student is required to propose in advance to the teacher the activities he/she intends to follow and the relative number of hours, in order to assess their suitability. The student is required to provide the teacher with a certificate issued by the host university showing that he/she has successfully attended the proposed activities.


Reference teacher for Other Educational Activities

Prof. Fausto Borgonovi
email: for further information on other educational activities.


Other Educational Activities details

Other educational activities are awarded 6 university credits (ECTS).
The 6 credits accrued will be registered under the designation "Other educational activities". 

Study plan code: MGQ778 Other educational activities