Faculty of: ECONOMIA

Economics and Management


Academic Year
3 Years
Degree Classes
L-18 (Scienze dell'economia e della gestione aziendale)

Satisfaction of whose who completed the programme

La soddisfazione per Raffi (1024 × 600 px) - SOD_ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT LT_Mi_Dati cdl

Professional opportunities: % of graduates employed

Sbocchi professionali della Facoltà: % di occupati (1024 × 500 px) - DATI_FACOLTA_ECONOMIA_PRIMO LIVELLO_ENG

The data are extracted from research carried out by the Academic Assessment Team.
Satisfaction of graduates refers to the evaluation of the organisational aspects of courses and services and to the undergraduate survey of the calendar year 2022.
The percentages for employment outlets refer to graduates in 2021 (if 1 year after graduation), 2019 (if 3 years after graduation) and 2017 (if 5 years after graduation).