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Admissions and enrolment
2 Years
Degree Classes
LM-82 (Scienze statistiche)

Internships offer students an invaluable chance to experience the labor market before they complete their studies, so as to practice in a working environment what they learned at the university and to evaluate their real motivation when stepping into a professional role.

An internship represents an opportunity for professional and personal growth and enhances the student’s study curriculum as it is integrative to individual study and the university learning process.

It can be seen as a moment of experimentation, a way to try out a particular career which enables students to see the connection between knowledge acquired at university and how it is applied in a particular organisation.

Since the University understands how important internships are, they are now included in most of its academic programmes as credit-bearing activities.

The number of credits and how they are assigned varies according to the regulations of the individual Faculties and Degree programmes.

Project internship

The project internship is a work-related experience in organisations (companies and institutions) which offers the opportunity to approach the job market and enhances the learning progress. 
The content of the internship must be consistent with the educational objectives of the MSc program the student is enrolled in.

The University considers this experience as part of the learning process, together with lectures and individual study.


  • Prof. Roberta Paroli (Coordinator)
  • Prof. Lucia Paci (Area Contact Person)
  • Dott. Mario Daniele (Internship Tutor)

Internship Tutor: Mario Daniele
Data Analytics, Economics, Marketing & Communication
Office hours: Monday 14.30 (previous reservation is required)
Internship Tutor office (‘Aula Tutor tirocinio’), Via Lanzone 32 (Passaggio Gnomo)

Specific details

The project internship is included as one of the applied knowledge skills indicated in the Faculty Guide and it is not mandatory. Once the internship is approved and the eligibility of the student verified, the Faculty assigns 8 credits and an evaluation with grades on a scale of 30.
Minimum duration: 3 months
Delivery of final report, assessment by the company tutor and monthly register: details and forms available on the Blackboard platform.
Internship request forms: the request procedure must be completed on iCatt platform by September 30th (1st deadline) or March 31st (2nd deadline) of each academic year.

In May of each academic year, all the students will be invited to an introductory meeting.

The requirements for application are:

  • at least 48 credits assigned for the students who apply in September (1st deadline)
  • at least 72 credits assigned for the students who apply in March (2nd deadline)

Application procedure
The internship can be activated following the procedure published on the university STEP portal; the approval of the “Contact Area Person” professor, contacted through the tutor, is mandatory. Within the STEP portal, the student will be required to select the tutor indicated in point 2 (not the “Contact Area Person” professor).

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