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Where do we stand? Global perspectives on the industrial competitiveness of Italian manufacturing

Convegno internazionale  27 gennaio 2015
Aula: PIO XI -  Ore: 10.30
Largo A. Gemelli, 1, Milano

Over the past two decades the global manufacturing landscape has been reshaped by profound structural transformations. These structural dynamics have been mainly driven by changes within and increasing interdependences across national manufacturing systems, their underpinning sectors and technologies. In this respect the global financial crisis has been accelerating ongoing structural trends, for example in terms of redistribution and polarisation of manufacturing production across countries and regions. De-industrialisation (the loss of strategic manufacturing industries), increasing trade imbalances and decreasing technological dynamism have all been major concerns in advanced industrial economies in Europe, the United States and beyond.

Despite the global challenges posed by the new emerging industrial players and the persistent contraction of the domestic market, the Italian manufacturing sector is showing important signs of resilience and technological dynamism, especially with respect to its overall export performances and its capacity to capture value in global manufacturing niches. This international conference aims at benchmarking the global competitiveness of Italian manufacturing, as emerging from the most recent analyses of leading international organisations. The industrial and trade diagnostics underpinning these benchmarking analyses have been very influential in the national and international debate. Market players’ perception of national industrial systems are often shaped by these analyses, while some of these industrial and trade indicators have been adopted as targets for policymaking, at both the national and supranational level.

The conference offers a unique opportunity to compare and contrast the different industrial scenarios emerging from these analyses and shed lights on the real strengths as well as challenges that Italian manufacturing and its major industrial competitors are facing. By taking stock of the different pieces of empirical evidence presented, the conference will recompose the Italian manufacturing puzzle and will address those industrial policies that are required to enhance industrial competitiveness and foster processes of techno-industrial restructuring and upgrading

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