Faculty of Facolta' di Economia e Giurisprudenza

Global business management


Academic year 2022/2023

Duration 2 anni

Language English

Degree class LM-77 (Scienze economico-aziendali)

Learning process

The Master of Science in Global Business Management is designed to match the most effective learning process of Business Schools:

  • case studies
  • work groups
  • assignments

will part of the curriculum.

The MSc in Global Business Management has to be considered a learning organization where the students are asked to be actively involved in the process, debating managerial issues and interacting with the professors and with peers.

A true international class with students coming from different countries, different cultures, with different backgrounds and expertizes will make the difference adding value to the participants.

From a learning goal point of view the MSc in Global Business Management is designed to stimulate the students and get familiar with the work environment testing the decision that managers have to take and the issues companies have to face daily. 

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