Faculty of: Economia e Giurisprudenza

Global business management


Academic year 2022/2023

Duration 2 anni

Language English

Degree class LM-77 (Scienze economico-aziendali)

What is the Internship

The internship in a company is a training experience in a working area where the integration of knowledge, practice and personal skills is fundamental.

As interns, students have the opportunity to grow from a professional and personal point of view, that allows them to complete and enrich their CV, given that the internship is experienced by the students themselves as an important part of their studies.

Internship situation due to Covid-19 emergency

Dear students,

to enable you to complete your study programs and fulfil the commitments you have undertaken, the Faculty has defined extraordinary provisions for managing internships during the current COVID-19 emergency.

Provided that it is possible for the student and the host company, and on agreement with the internship tutor, to reschedule the internship activity, in smart working/remote working, for example, the following possible cases have been defined:



Total hours worked
≥ 90

Enhanced internship report

Total hours worked
< 90

Enhanced, extended internship report
Internship not started Possible alternative activities
    a) Additional course – study plan adjusted accordingly
    b) project work
    c) individual contribution to a business game
    d) business case
    e) business plan

To enable the faculty to best organise the various activities, we ask students in second year, who plan to graduate in July or October 2020, and whose internship:

  •     has not yet started
  •     has been terminated
  •     has been suspended
  •     is still ongoing

and who have not yet completed the 150 hours minimum requirement in accordance with the course rules, to please complete the “Internship Covid” questionnaire on the GBM internship page in BlackBoard by 15 APRIL.Please note, students who have already fully completed their internship, or who are still doing their internship but have already completed 150 hours or more DO NOT need to complete the questionnaire.

Please do not contact the teaching staff directly at this stage. The internship tutor (me) will communicate what you need to do as soon as this has been decided.

Ann Duffy

Internship Tutor
Master of Science in Global Business Management

Internship Tutor

Ann Duffy

Available to meet students: Tuesday 10.00-13.00

Email: tutor.economiastage.global-pc@unicatt.it

Internship details

Compulsory internship in Italy or abroad

Minimum 150 hours

Number of credits (CFU) assigned: 6

Internship activation

Application form in Blackboard

Frequently Asked Questions

How many categories of internship are there?

There are 3 categories:
1) curricular internship with credits (compulsory or optional)
2) curricular internship with NO credits (always optional)
3) extracurricular internship: for graduates and can be started only within 12 months from the graduation day

How can I start an optional curricular internship with NO credits (0 CFU) in Italy?

To activate an optional curricular internship with NO credits (0 CFU) you must contact:
UFFICIO STAGE E PLACEMENT   Email: ser.stage-pc@unicatt.it   

How can I start an extracurricular internship in Italy ?

To activate an extracurricular internship with NO credits (0 CFU) in Italy you must contact:
UFFICIO STAGE E PLACEMENT:  Email: ser.stage-pc@unicatt.it   

How can I start an optional curricular internship with NO credits (0 CFU) or an extra curricular internship abroad?

To activate an extracurricular internship with NO credits (0 CFU) or an extracurricular internship abroad you must contact:
UCSC International:  Email: Desiree.Orlandini@unicatt.it

New method of recording the credits for Internship activities

Starting from the autumn examination session in September 2021, curricular internship activities to which ECTS are allocated, once you have completed them and once you have fulfilled all the requirements provided for in the internship regulations for your degree programme, must be registered in the same way as profit exams, so you must regularly enrol for the exams on the established dates.

  • It will not require your physical presence, you must compulsorily sign up for the session at least four days before the scheduled date;
  • you will not receive any convocation (teams or otherwise) at the time of the verbalization; 
  • you will then find the approval of your internship in your academic records. 


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