Faculty of Mathematical, Physical And Natural Sciences, Banking, Finance And Insurance Sciences

Applied data science for banking and finance

Brescia, Via della Garzetta 48

Academic year 2022/2023

Duration 2 anni

Language English

Degree class LM-91 (Tecniche e metodi per la società dell'informazione)

Summary of Students Evaluations

Students have a leading role in the Quality Assurance System of Teaching, as they offer their indications in a responsible and conscious way.

Students opinions represent an essential element for a continuous improvment of each course and of the Courses of Study as a whole

Quality Bodies

Commissione paritetica
Joint Teaching-Student Committee

Alfredo MARZOCCHI, president
Giuseppe NARDELLI, professor
Chiara LAZZERI, student
Martina MORELLI, student

Integrated by:

Enrico BARBIERATO, professor
Greta LA TORRE, student

Review Group

Alessandro SBUELZ, CdS cordinator
Daniele TESSERA, professor
Fares CHERIF, student


Access iCatt and see the section "Services and Opportunities" to contact by email the Faculty Boards and Quality Assurance Bodies representatives.

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