Faculty of Mathematical, Physical And Natural Sciences, Banking, Finance And Insurance Sciences

Applied data science for banking and finance

Brescia, Via della Garzetta 48

Academic year 2022/2023

Duration 2 anni

Language English

Degree class LM-91 (Tecniche e metodi per la società dell'informazione)

Formative credits

The normal duration of the master's degree programme is two years, for students with good initial preparation and full-time engaged in university studies.

To achieve the master's degree in Applied Data Science for Banking and Finance, the student must acquire at least 120 ECTS, including those related to the final examination. A number of credits is associated to each class, identical for all the students, and a mark (expressed in marks out of thirty) varying according on the preparation level. The study path ends with a final test whose mark is expressed in marks out of thirty. The time dedicated to study is usually equal to 60% of the total time, thus notwithstanding single study activities including experimental activities or practical work might require lower percentages. Following the graduation exam, the student obtains the diploma of magistral degree in Applied Data Science for Banking and Finance.

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