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Authentication by UCSC nominal account for library services

When needed to send loan/consultation requests and to access electronic resources, authentication must be performed on the automatically displayed page, by entering your UCSC nominal account.  > More info

NEWS - Database Statista

From March 2018 the database Statista is available, with statistics, surveys, reports and forecasts on products, markets, industrial sectors, countries and companies all over the world.

The new RefWorks

UCSC patrons can now use the new version of ProQuest citation manager improved with new features including a “Save to RefWorks” button to easily import webpages of interest.

NEWS - Database Cribis

As a replacement for the Telemaco database Cribis.com is now available, which allows to obtain economic information on companies, associations, institutions and foundations.

Over a century of Corriere della Sera's pages

Among the electronic resources of the UCSC OPAC it is available the Historical Archives of the Corriere della Sera, by which it is possible to consult the digital versions of the articles published from 1876 until today.

UCSC Library System's partnership with OCLC

Released the on-line final report of the research project Digital Visitors and Residents: What motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment?, launched in 2016 by OCLC Research with the UCSC Library System among the main contributors.